The best of #ManOnTwitties – Week 9

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#manontwitties week 9

Tuesdays always used to be a nothing day, didn’t it?

You’d still have the Monday blues lurking, you’re still to break the back of the week and somehow the weekend would seem further away than ever. Then #ManOnTwitties came along and made Tuesday evenings the highlight of everyone’s week!

Week nine of #ManOnTwitties, Twitter’s sexiest hashtag, well and truly produced the goods with 19 lovely ladies stripping off and getting involved – including the likes of Lottii Rose, Gemma Lago, Dani Whittaker, Emilie-Rae, Livia Rose, Sascha McGee and Chelsea Chamberlain to name just a few.

So without further ado, here’s the best of the action…

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