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As we’re all aware, the world has gone in a very strange direction in recent times. Slowly but surely, just about everything seems to offend just about everyone, and the world of modelling has very much been a target for the fun police in this regard. So-called campaigners tell us models shouldn’t be allowed to model, because apparently they know better than anyone else.

We couldn’t disagree more with these self-righteous bores. We live in the real world and know there are countless people who love modelling and millions more who appreciate their work. If you agree with us, we warmly invite you to join the Man On movement.

Our aim is to be your go-to home for news, interviews and features with your favourite models from across the globe, helping to keep you up to date with everything you want to know. We hope to provide you with pictures, videos and words you want to see, watch and read as often as possible.

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And girls: if you would like to feature on the site, please drop us a line at with your details and a few pictures – we’d be delighted to help.

Thanks once again for visiting and we hope you stick around. We will never cease to be proud of what we’re standing up for and it would be great to have you along with us for the journey.


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