The best of #ManOnTwitties – Week 32

Like a booby version of The Avengers, the hottest girls on Twitter united once again for #ManOnTwitties Week 32.

And leading the super(hot)hero army this week are eye-popping covergirls Emilie-Rae, Jenny and Sky Moreno!

emilieraex #manontwitties

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All together, 22 girls took part in Week 32’s fun and games, including Abi Mistress, Lola Rose, Asha Evans, Chelsea Chamberlain, Gemma, Emily Rebecca, Charlotte Belle, Frankie Lain, Bonnie Brown, Rebecca Lou, and many more beauties besides!

jenloveheartx #manontwitties

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That means we have 34 all-new pictures for you to scroll through to your heart’s content. And you can do just that over on Man On VIP! It’s 100% free to sign up, takes just a few seconds to do so, and is home to the entire #ManOnTwitties archive and more.

Tap to and see all 32 weeks (over 980 pictures) of #ManOnTwitties babes!

Once registered, simply open the Feed, tap “load VIP content”, and #ManOnTwitties Week 32’s beauties will appear alongside their Twitter link – making it easy to follow your favourites.

Just remember to scroll up and hit “load more” for the full collection, plus even more sexy goodness from the Twitties world and beyond.

skygmoreno #manontwitties

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And if you fancy helping us #KeepGlamourAlive, you can also sign up to VIP Premium. Doing so grants access to 370+ exclusive pictures and videos from the likes of Gemma, Emilie-Rae, Claudia Dean, Leah Francis, Fiona Siciliano, Alice Goodwin, Sammy Braddy, Jodie Gasson, Asha Evans, Daisy Watts, Jess Davies and many more to come.

Just tap the big menu button at the bottom of the VIP platform on mobile to head to the unlock page.

As always, thanks to each and every one of our Twitties for taking part – and to you for signing up to Man On VIP! We massively appreciate it.

Catch you next Tuesday over on @ManOnToday for Week 33!

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