Joey Fisher wows in another see-through bodysuit

joey fisher bodysuit

As the old quote from Forrest Gump goes: “Joey Fisher and bodysuits go together like peas and carrots.”

OK, it’s been a little while since we watched that film, so we may have got that line ever so slightly wrong. But hey, you can’t argue with the sentiment behind it, right?

Earlier this week we brought you a mesmerising video of glamour legend Joey Fisher making the most of Twitter’s relaxed censorship rules by posting a video of herself posing in a sheer bodysuit from Rihanna’s clothing line, Savage X Fenty.

This one, to be precise:

Now, just a week after finally regaining access to her old Instagram account, she’s announced her arrival back on the platform with a red-hot gallery in another Savage X Fenty see-through bodysuit!

Have a scroll through the gallery here:

With Joey looking as incredible as ever, we have all our fingers and toes crossed the Instagram killjoys don’t wield the axe on her account again.

But if they do, let us be clear, we’ll have absolutely no choice but to send the boys around to Instagram HQ and have a very stern word, baseball bats in hand.

And by that we of course mean write a sternly worded letter of complaint.

So watch out, Instagram nerds. You have been warned…

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