10 reasons you need to follow Joey Fisher on Instagram this very second

joey fisher cleavage

It must be a terrible gig working at the Instagram censorship department.

Why? Well, take the example of the poor employees who find themselves perusing Joey Fisher’s page.

They see her countless jaw-dropping pictures and videos. They recognise she has an army of fans who love every post. They know she is one of the hottest models on the platform.

But for some reason we’ll never understand, they’ve continuously suspended her accounts – what killjoys. It’s meant that over time Joey has been forced to create more Instagram accounts than we’ve had weeks in lockdown.

There is a happy ending to all this, however. Joey now has regained access to her original account in all its original glory. She currently has some 205,000 followers, but we all know she deserves countless more.

So, as if you needed convincing, here are 10 reasons you need to hit that follow button pronto…

1. She makes maps a lot less boring to look at

2. It helps us take a keen interest in swimsuits

3. She posts jaw-dropping Page 3 pictures

4. She wakes up like this

5. She takes a keen interest in gardening… in underwear

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6. She is ridiculously pretty in pink

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7. She encourages us to stay healthy by eating watermelon

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8. She’s so hot you’ll start seeing double

9. Her selfie game is strong. So very strong

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BTS ???? hair and makeup by @eloiseparker_mua

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10. Her videos are very rewatchable

What are you waiting for? Get following the wonder of Wales now!

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