Joey Fisher shares incredible new see-through bodysuit video

joey fisher red lingerie

Recently we shared the tremendous news that the legendary Joey Fisher was back on Instagram and gave you 10 reasons you need to follow her immediately.

In a naive move on our part, we should have also taken that opportunity to remind you that you should absolutely be following her on Twitter too. But no bother, let us make up for it now.

You see, Joey uses the platform to promote her red-hot OnlyFans by uploading all-new snaps like this:

Which is brilliant of course. But as we’re all aware, Twitter’s main advantage over its social media rival is that it allows you to post much racier content – particularly when you consider Instagram appears to have a conservative, churlish, narrow-minded individual from the Victorian era of censorship in charge.

Ergo, Joey is also allowed to post videos of her in see-through bodysuits. Like this sensational clip, for example:

On behalf of the nation, we’d like to say a great big thank you to the Twitter censorship department! Oh, and remember to get following Joey on Twitter too!

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