Izzy S Does Lingerie: Watch the extremely insightful first episode

izzy s gossard lingerie

They say we should be using all this time spent in enforced lockdown on improving ourselves or trying something new.

Some people have learnt to play chess. Others have finally got round to launching that new venture of theirs. A sizeable chunk of the country have gone to admirably committed lengths to find out how much more drunk it’s possible to get in your front room compared to sitting in their local.

We, on the other hand, have decided to learn much more about lingerie. Which isn’t too difficult a task, given the fact all we did know up until this point was how bra clasps operate – and even that took an embarrassing amount of time to get our heads around… so to speak.

Step forward our underwear teacher extraordinaire – the truly delightful Izzy S – who has launched a new lingerie review series on her IGTV. The first episode sees the stunning Londoner try on Gossard’s Gypsy Lingerie set.

izzy s gossard lingerie review

izzy s gossard lingerie review

Up until now you probably didn’t have much interest in the intricacies of silky lace detailing on undergarments but that, dear reader, is about to change forever. Over to you, Izzy…

You’re now hooked, right? Stay tuned to Izzy’s Instagram and our website for more unmissable lingerie reviews!

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