Izzy Does Lingerie: Curvy Kate Lifestyle X

izzy stickland curvy kate lingerie

Our journey of self-improvement – specifically around our knowledge of lingerie – continues apace thanks to Izzy S!

As a gentle reminder, the Man On team have decided to learn much more about lingerie. Which isn’t too difficult a task, given the fact the sum of what we knew previously was how bra clasps operate – and even that took an embarrassing amount of time to get our heads around… so to speak.

In last week’s opening episode, the delightful Izzy S tried on Gossard’s Gypsy Lingerie set and we found out much more about the benefits of a comfortable underwire and the intricacies of silky lace detailing.

This week, the 32FF Londoner is getting her hands on Curvy Kate’s Lifestyle X and informs us all about how it hugs curves in the right places and helps prevent VPLs on a night out. We’ve all been there, right chaps?

Stay tuned to Izzy’s Instagram and our website for more unmissable lingerie reviews!

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