Lucy Vixen’s legendary topless selfie shoot in full

lucy vixen topless selfie

We are fully signed up members of the Lucy Vixen fan club here at Man On – which is pretty handy given you lot clearly are too!

Throughout lockdown, redhead royalty Lucy has been keeping the nation’s men perked up with her insanely booby Twitter posts. They give just a little snippet of what you can enjoy on her scintillating Chatabox page, which boasts over 2,500 rude pictures and videos.

Last May, we rounded up the 15 rudest moments from her lockdown – which included a lot of baby oil and flashing her ridiculously lucky neighbours. And it’s safe to say you folks went crazy for it.

So much so, Lucy’s lockdown brilliance became the most-read story on the Man On website in 2020.

lucy vixen topless selfie

We know how popular she is with you, which is exactly why we are beyond delighted to let you know that Lucy’s legendary topless selfie shoot is now available in full over on Man On VIP!

As well as all 18 strip pictures in crisp high resolution for the very first time, VIP Premium members can also enjoy two sexy videos of the megaboobed marvel.

lucy vixen topless selfie

That’s of course alongside almost 600 other topless pictures and videos starring dozens of your favourite glamour models. Every VIP Premium subscription makes a real difference as we work to #KeepGlamourAlive, so thank you for joining the party.

lucy vixen topless selfie

Rest assured we have plenty more Lucy Vixen gold coming up, so stay tuned – and don’t forget to check out her Chatabox for a lot more booby fun!

We’re on a mission to #KeepGlamourAlive! You can help us on our journey – and enjoy exclusive new content from your favourite models – by signing up to Man On VIP! There are two ways you can get involved…

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