The 15 rudest moments from Lucy Vixen’s lockdown

lucy vixen cleavage

Whether it’s board games or going on 30 mile drives to test your eyesight, the nation has taken to all sorts of methods to keep themselves busy during lockdown.

Fortunately for us, the one and only Lucy Vixen has decided to use her time by treating everyone to some of her rudest pictures and videos yet!

From getting busy with baby oil to topless sunbathing and naked gardening, we’ve rounded up the Page 3 Idol’s 15 rudest lockdown moments here for your viewing pleasure…

1. Enjoying a baby oil day

2. Getting involved with the great National Cleavage Day

3. Celebrating her 100 retweet challenge

4. Getting hands-on with the girls

5. Giving us a POV angle

6. Enjoying a spot of topless sunbathing

7. Reenacting a Renaissance painting

8. Sharing a couple of wiggles

9. Undertaking a topless workout

10. Making the most of Naked Gardening Day

11. Putting the “rocket” into rocket lolly

12. Making use of her buoyancy aids in the hot tub

13. Giving her plants some love

14. This mesmerising bikini dance

15. This jaw-dropping selfie

Like what you see? You can enjoy more of Lucy’s red-hot content over on her Chatabox page!

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