See an exclusive sneak peek of Joey Fisher’s incredible Club Winkle shoot

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joey fisher club winkle

They say you can have too much of a good thing, but that’s simply not the case when it comes to a certain Joey Fisher.

Hot on the heels of extolling the virtues of following her spanking new Instagram page, we’ve got our hands on an exclusive sneak peek of her jaw-dropping shoot with Club Winkle.

To mark the occasion, we had a quick catch-up with the Welsh wonder to find out more about the shoot, playing games in lockdown and what it’s like sleeping on her “pillows”…

joey fisher club winkle

Hi Joey! This shoot with Club Winkle is incredible. How did it all come about given he’s based Down Under?
Thanks! I loved the whole shoot with Perry and Club Winkle! He’d been travelling around Europe and squeezed in a shoot with me when he visited London. He was planning to come back over to this side of the world this summer and we were going to work together again but that’s now been delayed. Boo!

joey fisher club winkle

Boo indeed! Why should people sign up to see the uncensored set?
To see some Joey Fisher boobs, of course! Ha ha! But not only me, there are loads of other amazing beauties on his site, so it’s well worth checking out.

What do you miss about not being able to do new shoots during lockdown?
I miss getting all dolled up and feeling sexy! I can’t wait for lockdown to be over so I can shoot again. It gets boring taking photos of myself with the self timer!

joey fisher club winkle

It certainly doesn’t get boring looking at them, Joey! So, how are you spending your time in lockdown? We noticed something about Jenga…
Haha, I’ve really reached an all time low watching my best friend and her mum play Jenga on FaceTime, haven’t I?!

Aside from the games, I’ve stocked up on Prosecco – so that’s what I’ve been spending my time doing. Or should I say drinking? Cheers anyway!

You recently set TikTok alight by laying on your own “pillows”. How did that feel?

If only I could really experience what it would be like to lay on my pillows! I’m confident in saying it would be pretty bloody comfortable!

joey fisher club winkle

You can see Joey’s full and uncensored shoot – plus dozens more red-hot galleries – over on Club Winkle right now! Sign up here:

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