Hannah Palmer’s swimming pool bikini video will blow your mind

hannah palmer bikini

Today’s absolutely-must-watch-otherwise-you’re-missing-out-on-life video comes from the sensational Hannah Palmer.

The 21-year-old beauty, who hails from Arizona in the good ol’ US of A, is an absolute must follow on Instagram when you consider she posts content like this on a daily basis:

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grateful???? bodysuit: @revolve

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pretending I’m in Hawaii ????

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Today it’s her work as a promotional model that has got her 800k+ followers frantically double tapping their screens.

In her role as an Elite Model for energy drinks company Bang Energy, Hannah shared a “good vibes” swimming pool bikini video earlier today.

hannah palmer swimming pool bikini
Hannah Palmer: bikini expert

Check out the video below. It’s little wonder it has already raced to over 200,000 views…

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to track down a nice, cold can of Bang. Whoever said marketing like this wasn’t effective?!

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