Lana Parker 2024 calendar: Exclusive topless preview

lana parker 2024 calendar topless preview

There’s no two ways about it: we love Lana Parker.

Not just because she’s trouser-tighteningly hot – that’s a given – but also because she’s a maestro behind the camera.

Through her immense photography, Lana has introduced us to all the next big names (and boobs) in glamour in recent years.

But today we’re talking about the greatness we’re treated to when it’s her in front of the lens.

For all you Lana-lovers out there, get ready to jump for joy, because her 2024 calendar is here – and it’s nothing short of spectacular.

For several years now we’ve been blessed with the daily company of Lana through her unmissable calendars. Thankfully, 2024 will be no different – and we’re absolutely thrilled to share with you an exclusive topless preview from it.

The snap features the stunning Lana leaning against some massive wood (no sniggering at the back, please):

lana parker 2024 calendar topless preview

If this picture has, ahem, “hardened” your desire to spend the next year with Lana, don’t dally.

lana parker 2024 calendar cover

Order your calendar now and ensure your new year is filled with the one and only Lana Parker.

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