Emilie-Rae shows off her tan by getting naked in the shower


Given the country is currently banned from going on holidays abroad, it’s a good job we’re being treated to a proper summer at home so far.

Temperatures have soared in the past couple of weeks giving us all the ability to top up our tan (or burn to a cinder, like certain unfortunate members of the Man On team have done).

One such delightful individual who has taken up the former option is Emilie-Rae, who has made the most of the recent good weather by donning bikinis and hitting the garden deck chair:

And following another weekend of soaking up the rays, Emilie-Rae shared the results of her epic tanning sessions with this rude and nude new picture of her in the shower:

Long may this British summer continue! Oh, it’s meant to rain on Wednesday. Well, it was fun whilst it lasted, eh?

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