Meet Charlie Rose: See her 20 sexiest pictures and videos and read our exclusive interview!

charlie rose

With a social media following that’s fast approaching 150,000 loyal fans, we’re willing to bet good money you’ll be familiar with Charlie Rose.

The brunette beauty undoubtedly has some of the hottest social media feeds in town, which helps explain why she has racked up such a loyal following.

So after our chats with Asha Evans and Sascha McGee, we were inundated with requests to sit down with Charlie to help everyone get to know her that little bit better.

And who are we to disappoint? Check out Charlie’s exclusive interview below, alongside 20 of her sexiest pictures and videos, and find out what she has to say about her fans, Carole Baskin and fancying Lucy Pinder…

Charlie Rose fact file and interview

Name: Charlie Rose
Age: 26
Location: London
Social media accounts: Twitter | Instagram | Only Fans

Hello, Charlie! First and foremost, we’ve had so many requests to feature you, we’re delighted to finally get you on Man On!
Thanks! The pleasure’s all mine – I’ve been super excited to feature and let everyone know a little bit more about me.

Can you tell us about how you first got into modelling?
Well, it all started around six years ago. I sent in a snap to ZOO magazine and they featured me as part of their #ZOOTwitties online and in the magazine. So I sent in some more – and here we are today!

Over those six years you’ve built up a huge fanbase. What do you love about them?
Simply how loyal, kind, caring and fiercely protective they are of me. They are the best fans in the world!

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Looking like a shnack… ????

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Does green look good on me? ????

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You also have a wildly popular OnlyFans account. What makes it such a hit?
Hand on heart, I can honestly say I have the best, most interactive, most genuine, real page there is. I’m pretty much online 24/7 and reply to every single DM multiple times a day. Oh, and I also post the hottest pictures and videos around!

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Fancy taking a dip with me? ????????

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We can imagine – you’ve posted over 5,000 times on OnlyFans! What do you get up to in your spare time?
I don’t really have spare time! Haha! I’m always on my phone working, engaging with my fans, like I say. I should really do more fun things – but my OnlyFans is keeping me busy day in, day out during this annoying lockdown!

Surely you’re getting stuck into Netflix during the lockdown at least?
Oh yeah – I’ve been totally obsessed with Tiger King. I binge watched the entire thing from start to finish in one day. Don’t get me started on that bitch Carole Baskin…!

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Wanna Netflix & Chill? ????????????

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Lastly, what’s the first thing you’ll do once lockdown comes to an end?
Go for dinner somewhere nice with my family. I usually eat out two or three times a week, so this is driving me crazy!

Charlie Rose’s quickfire Q&A

Favourite drink: Pink G&T with a dash of elderflower.
Favourite food: Domino’s.
Favourite film: Anything funny or an action.
Favourite TV show: I’m obsessed with anything crime based, real or not!
Favourite holiday destination: Disney World in Florida, no question! I even have a Disney tattoo!
Biggest celebrity crush: Hmmm… is it strange that I’m straight but I don’t really have any male crushes? It’s only girls: particularly Lucy Pinder, India Reynolds and Michelle Keegan.

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