“I’d love to do naked yoga!” Meet Asha Evans and see her hottest pictures and videos!

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Glamour fans all across the country should be very familiar with Asha Evans by now.

The Doncaster belle burst onto the scene several years ago as a top contributor to the famous #ZOOTwitties hashtag, and featured in lads’ mags on several occasions, such as Nuts’ Bedroom Babes. She has since earned tens of thousands of loyal followers on her social media channels – her Twitter boasts over 43,000 followers, whilst almost 30,000 people have their Instagram feed brightened up by Asha on a daily basis.

Now she is set on taking over Only Fans:

So, in our important role as your home for all things glamour, we thought we’d catch up with Asha to find out a little bit more about her – and her ideas for naked yoga…

Asha Evans fact file

Name: Asha Evans
Age: 27
Location: Doncaster
Social accounts: Twitter | Instagram | Only Fans

Hi Asha! So, how long have you been modelling for?
I started when I was 18, so it’s been nearly 10 years on and off, as the industry can be a little bumpy. I’m so glad Man On are bringing it back!

We are too! Tell us how you first got into modelling?
To piss off an ex! Ha ha! I know he used to read all the lads’ mags and was eyeing up the girls on Page 3. So after he cheated on me I made sure I was in everything as a reminder of how he messed up!

He must be truly gutted! You’ve now got tens of thousands of followers, so what’s the best thing about having such a huge fanbase?
They cheer me up so much when I’m having a bad day and they’re so supportive. It’s literally like having my own cheerleading squad… but with the same warped sense of humour as me! They really are amazing.

You’ve recently signed up to Only Fans. Why should people sign up?
It gives me a chance to offer my more personal side to fans. On social media I get a large number of messages, but it’s on subscription sites such as Only Fans that I get to properly chat with the ones that actually want to get to know me, not just my boobs! And it means I can offer better content to those that deserve it and not just everyone.

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50% OFF my page! Check out the link in my bio!

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Lovely stuff. Outside of modelling do you have any other jobs?
I sure do! I work on sports show both as a presenter and in commercial sales booking in sponsorships.

And what do you love doing in your spare time?
Eating! Food is my first love. I’m lucky my metabolism is great and I don’t really put on weight, otherwise I’d be massive!

What are you watching on Netflix at the moment?
60 Days In – it’s a great documentary-style programme about “normal” civilians who are put into prisons to see what it’s like and report feedback to the prison owner. It really gives you an insight into what it would be like and how crazy some of the people are in there!

We’ll add it to our list! What are you doing to keep yourself busy during the lockdown?
Again, eating! Ha ha! No, I’ve mainly taken lots of hot content for my paid-for sites and I have been putting some ideas together for features I want to run on there. I’d love to do Naked Yoga Pose of the Week… how does that sound?

Sounds brilliant to us! Lastly, what’s the first thing you’ll do once the lockdown is over?
Go and see my family, which I’m sure is the same for everyone else. I reckon a family BBQ with plenty of booze and food at my parents’ pub is in order!

Asha Evans’ quickfire Q&A

Favourite drink: Spiced rum, blackcurrant and Coke. It’s a strange combo but it tastes amazing! Oh, and I love a good cup of tea too!

Favourite food: Chinese or steak – either is a winner with me. But be warned: if you overcook my steak, you’re gone! Ha ha!

Favourite film: I love Snatch, but the original Lion King is my go-to if I’m feeling a bit down. Especially the singalong version, even though I don’t need the lyrics!

Favourite TV show: Power. It is amazing! If you haven’t seen it, go watch it!

Favourite holiday destination: I remember loving Malta when I was much younger, but I worked abroad for three seasons in Sidari in Corfu, and that still holds a special place in my heart.

Biggest celebrity crush: Taron Egerton is the one. He is just hilarious and I love all his acting roles. I can’t say seeing him as Elton John made me want to drop my pants, but it was very well acted and did make me laugh!

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Warm weather and too small bikinis 😉

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