Ruby May strips off and goes topless in the great outdoors

ruby may topless outdoors

Throughout the enforced coronavirus lockdown, we’ve been repeatedly told of the benefits of ensuring we go for daily walks.

Stretching your legs once a day helps you keep active, improves your physical and mental health, and of course gives you a much-needed break from sitting indoors staring at walls that don’t even have the excitement of paint drying on them.

But it also turns out that simply seeing other people go for their walks can greatly boost your mood too. Specifically if it’s Ruby May and she ends up stripping off and going topless to make the outdoors truly great…

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Being natural in nature ????

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“How annoying is that hand?” asks Ruby in the post’s comments. Allow us to answer that on behalf of the world’s male population: very.

The gravity-defying English babe, who now lives in Sydney, has in fact been helping everyone get through the lockdown with a string of scintillating posts like these:

And who can forget her very bouncy kitchen catwalk video? Keep up the great work Ruby, you’re raising everyone’s spirits!

If you want to see more Ruby May, be sure to check out her OnlyFans!

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