Watch Ruby May hit the kitchen catwalk in style

ruby may catwalk

With most of the world confined to their four walls during the coronavirus lockdown, everyone has been desperately seeking some much needed light relief.

Fortunately for us all, one of the most popular models on Instagram has been delivering it to us in spades for the past week.

The one and only Ruby May – who boasts a cool million followers – has been keeping us all glued to our phones with a string of jaw-droppingly brilliant posts recently, such as these:

Earlier today, however, she topped the lot when she donned a set of lingerie and took to the catwalk… in her kitchen! As Ruby herself explains, “What are you going to do to keep busy if you’re at home?”

Give it a watch or 10 below:

The Sydney stunner is an essential follow on Instagram, so make sure you get involved if you haven’t already. You’ll soon realise this lockdown isn’t so bad after all…

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