Daisy Taylor lifts spirits with another roasting hot bikini selfie

daisy taylor purple bikini

How do you deal with immensely frustrating situations? For example your oven breaking down when you’re halfway through cooking a roast.

Personally speaking we would unleash hell on the damned cooker Homer Simpson style, complete with baseball bat and cathartic screams, before eventually calming down and ordering any takeaway that’s kind enough to still be open.

We fully admit it’s not the most productive reaction to disappointment, and we look on in amazement at those able to make a positive out of the situation – like Daisy Taylor.

Because that very scenario happened to Daisy when she was in the middle of rustling up one of her beloved Sunday roasts yesterday:

daisy taylor oven instagram

How did Daisy react? By eating what was ready and getting on the rosé train, of course! Legend.

And as the old saying goes (that we literally just made up 10 seconds ago), there is no disappointment that cannot be undone by a morning-after bikini selfie – which Daisy was kind enough to share.

After her orange and gold swimsuit posts, we declared the indoor bikini season to have begun. Anybody arguing?

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