See inside Chelsea Chamberlain’s spectacular topless 2021 calendar

chelsea chamberlain 2021 calendar

It always delights us seeing a bona fide #ManOnTwitties legend see their popularity soar.

So is the case with pocket rocket Chelsea Chamberlain, the 28E Londoner who lights up the hashtag pretty much every week.

We sat down with Chelsea back in May, where she revealed her big visions for 2020 were β€œto make more content and hopefully grow my fanbase.”

Suffice to say she’s achieved exactly that, as illustrated by the release of her brilliantly rude 2021 calendar! And we’re most pleased to bring you an exclusive topless preview…

chelsea chamberlain topless 2021 calendar

β€œFrom tables and chairs, standing on the bed and hiding in trees, you’ll never tire of seeing me flash you throughout the year,” Chelsea said of the calendar exclusively to Man On.

And you know what? She’s absolutely bang on.

chelsea chamberlain 2021 calendar

Chelsea Chamberlain’s official 2021 calendar is available to purchase now from Celebrity Calendar

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