The best of #ManOnTwitties – Week 18

#manontwitties week 18

Turning 18 allows you to do a lot of extra things: vote (boring), serve on a jury (proper boring), and legally drink alcohol (now we’re talking!).

And for our #ManOnTwitties army, it allowed them to ramp up the raunch factor to unprecedented levels.

Before any smart arses say anything, yes – we are well aware that we’re conflating years and weeks here, but you get our point. And we know you’re really here for the girls, rather than our inane pre-pub ramblings.

#ManOnTwitties Week 18 contained more topless snaps than ever before, and featured the likes of Abi Mistress, Asha Evans, Gemma, Emilie-Rae, Emma Glover, Samantha H and Sky Moreno to name just a few.

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See you next Tuesday for #ManOnTwitties Week 19!

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