The best of #ManOnTwitties – Week 17

#manontwitties week 17

Week 17 of #ManOnTwitties – the sexiest Twitter trend around – is a very special one for a multitude of reasons.

Reason No1: It saw the Twitties army grow to its biggest size yet, with more entries and red-hot debutantes than ever before!

Reason No2: The glamour legend that is Emma Glover took part in her first ever #ManOnTwitties night, starring alongside all your usual sexy selfie stars!

Reason No3: It marks the first time you can catch up with all the action on our brand spanking new VIP platform!

“What’s that?!” we hear you ask. Well, our Man On VIP information page has everything you need to know, but essentially it’s our new interactive platform that is your new home for all the latest and greatest glamour content. It’s 100% free to access and takes just a few seconds to sign up using your email or Twitter account (don’t worry, nothing is ever posted to your Twitter page).

Once you do, simply tap Man On VIP in the chat section and tap “load VIP content”, scroll up and tap “load more” a couple of times. Then ta-da – all of #ManOnTwitties Week 17’s beauties will appear like the sexiest magic trick ever!

And the more you scroll up and load, you more you can catch up on hundreds of pictures from the previous 16 weeks of Twitties goodness.

Click here to sign up to Man On VIP for free and see all 17 weeks of #ManOnTwitties babes!

Week 17 featured the likes of Sascha McGee, Sky Moreno, Samantha H, Isla Foxx and many more. As a little teaser, here are this week’s cover stars, Abi Mistress and the cleavage queen herself, Gemma:

What are you waiting for? Sign up to Man On VIP for free and check out your new home for the sexiest glamour girls around.

See you on Tuesday for #ManOnTwitties Week 18!

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