Are Joey Fisher’s boobs bigger than her head?

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joey fisher

Throughout history, many people of significant importance have posed the all-important questions.

Isaac Newton pondered the laws of motion and gravity; Stephen Hawking redefined how we look at black holes; McDonald’s staff asked if we’d like fries with that.

But nothing is more vital and of life-affirming importance than the question Joey Fisher has posed to her followers: are her boobs bigger than her head?

Purely in the interests of scientific accuracy, we’d like to take this opportunity to give you some more evidence to study:

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Just do it

A post shared by Joey Fisher (@joeyf_) on

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🖤 @savagexfenty

A post shared by Joey Fisher (@joeyf_) on

joey fisher club winkle

joey fisher club winkle

Be careful not to rush your answer – it’s a tricky question that requires a lot of intense study, so here’s the picture once again to give you another chance to think:

joey fisher boobs selfie

And remember: there’s no need to get out the tape measures and compasses – a simple yes or a no would do, as per the Welsh wonder’s request.

So, answers on a postcard please! Whoever said science was boring, eh?

You can see more of Joey on her OnlyFans page!

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