Holly Peers works up a sweat in her ridiculously hot new fitness shoot

holly peers fitness shoot

Hitting the gym is a classic new year’s resolution, but one that traditionally many people fail to stick to – ourselves very much included.

However, the legendary Holly Peers looks like she’s sticking true to it if these sensational new pictures and videos are anything to go by!

In an all-new shoot with glamour snapper Adam Flowers – who you may remember Holly teamed up with for her incredible see-through lingerie shoot back in 2020 – Page 3 icon Holly can be seen getting all hot and sweaty working on her fitness.

Included in the workout were some squats…

…a bit of cooling down before some more exercises (make sure you swipe through the gallery)…

…and even a chance to whack on a bikini for (presumably) a stint in the sauna!

Now prepare to work up a sweat of your own watching the red-hot video from the shoot:

Who says January gymming has to be miserable, eh? What a start to the new year from the Manchester marvel!

Want more? Check out Holly Peers on Instagram and OnlyFans, as well as Adam’s own Instagram.

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