Girls Next Door: Ashleigh Fraser

ashleigh fraser girls next door

With Girls Next Door, our aim is to traverse the nation in order to find the hottest ladies that could well be living a stone’s throw away from you.

Most recently, we’ve been to the seaside to meet Bournemouth babe Poppy McLean, up to Leicester to get to know Bonnie Brown, and Warwickshire for a meet and greet with Kitty Lynd.

This time, we’re heading north of the border to say a very big hello to the gorgeous Ashleigh Fraser!

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Vital Statistics

Name: Ashleigh Fraser
Age: 29
Bra size: 32DD
Location: Dunfermline
Social media links: Instagram

ashleigh fraser girls next door

Tell us a random fact about you?
I went on the TV show Dinner Date a few years back! However, I burnt all the food and put my date’s red wine in the fridge… suffice to say I didn’t get chosen! Haha!

Have you got any hobbies?
I have another job that I class as a hobby on webcam… that is always fun!

Do you have a party trick?
That would be knowing the whole Inbetweeners dance routine! I know, I know – I can tell how much you are well impressed!

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
Ooh, now that would be telling. I’ll just say sex outdoors and leave it at that!

What turns you on?
Nice teeth and good banter – always!

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?
My perfect weekend would be spending it somewhere hot with the girls – cocktails during the day and partying at night! Bloody COVID stopping this from happening!

Have you ever had a comedy dating mishap?
Oh, where do I start with this?! There are so many – hence why I’m still single, haha! It’s gotta be the guy who was off his face and took me to the cinema. He got a speeding ticket in the process, then tried to get me to do a “Lady and the Tramp” moment with a jelly snake. Embarrassing!

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